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Monarca is the new baby of Salma Hayek, launched on September 13 tells the story (sexy, funny and soapy) of three brothers who fight for the mandate of a Mexican empire after the murder of his father. The protagonist, Ana María takes power and her main objective is to maintain the jewel of La Corona: Tequila, Tequila Herederos. 
It is here, where the creative approach takes the elements of the series that make it attractive in a first beat, in this situation and supported by a mass media campaign, such as OOH and TVC, Salma Hayek becomes the spoke person of Tequila Heirs Thus creating the launch of a tequila, which only exists in the reality of Monarca, exists now in our reality. The taste of betrayal is the slogan that accompanies it, implying that there was something strange about this drink. Bottles were produced to be sent to personalities and influencers, an instagram account, which initially housed all this action as @tequilaherederos (later @monarclaserie) and a real permit to give it credibility. A few days before the launch of the series, a teaser is released where it shows where the tequila is from and its relationship with the series. Thus, tequila heirs becomes the prelude to one of the most watched Mexican series of the world's most famous streaming platform, Netflix. 
Roles: Creative, art director and copywriter.
Tequila Herederos por Salma Hayek --->
After the revelation, the transition campaign hit points to join the two phases and profile the series premiere.

 And finally, we close the campaign with the confirmation and announcement of the second season.  Since Monarca quickly positioned itself in the first viewing places on the platform (the second most watched series of the year).
 We handle the concept of serving a second round, a second shot after having warmed throat with the first season.  For the same reason, in the end we see on the screen the appearance of two shots, one served and the other empty and flipped.
Client: Netflix | Global Creative Marketing Manager: Noel Tantinyan, Joel Barrios |  Regional Marketing Manager: Andres Ibarra Ríos
ECD: Dauquen Chabeldin | Head Editorial: Juán Meneses | PM: Yaneth Velazquez 
CW:  Elizabeth Beltran, Noé Segovia, Patricio Kodalle | AD: Noé Segovia | AV Production: Francisco López |CM:  Elizabeth Beltran
Role: Creative, art direction and copywriter

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