gossip don't 
the sun.

Rumors have always revolved around the Mexican Sun.And the second season of his series was no exception.The expectation was too much and Netflix lost control of that conversation of Luis Miguel the series after a wave of rumors and gossip that culminated in the false news that Diego Boneta would be replaced by Fernando Colunga to play the older Luis Miguel. Rumors do not cover the sun: We confirmed the second season of Luis Miguel the series with a video that told you in seconds the truth about Diego Boneta and his role as Luis Miguel. In less than 1 minute of video we finished with the gossip around the series showing that the actor would play both the young and old Sol de México.Thus, Netflix demonstrated that there is no rumor that shines more than the Sun.
Teaser announcement
Art Direction
Client: Netflix | Global Creative Marketing Manager: Joel Barrios |  Regional Marketing Manager: Andres Ibarra Ríos 
ECD: Dauquen Chabeldin | PM: Yaneth Velázquez | CW: Hugo Fabián | AD: Noé Segovia |CM: Paola Prado, Elizabeth Beltrán.

Role: Creative and art direction.

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