After three seasons, one of the most loved mexican series came to an end: Club de Cuervos.
This time, the team would be attacked by the entire Mexican soccer league, coaches, referees, sponsors and even media. In response, the Club adopted a new identity to beat them. And in case that someone had said that The Cuervos and The Iglesias, its owners, were a bad soccer team, now they would be the worst but that has never been so good. They became “La Peste Negra” (The Black Death).
We extended the narrative of the show to real life by launching a strategy in different media including billboards, tv mentions, reactive content to real time soccer games, social channels and even the cast handles to beat the critics with a badass attitude. A Peste Negra attitude.
Roles: Creative, Art Director and co-writer.
The Haka became the Anthem of the Club
Billboards were placed in front of the real soccer mexican teams stadiums with provocative messages to make the fans angry. And we made it.
Even the players went to TV sport programs to give a message to the mexican soccer league.
Client: Netflix | Marketing Director: José Calderoni | Brand Manager: Aldo Carrillo
ECD: Dauquen Chabeldin | CD: Luis Ávila| PM: Yaneth Velázquez
CW: Hugo F. Zapata, Alejandra Juárez, Noé Segovia| AD: Noé Segovia | AV: Alonso Alonso | CM: Paola Fortes

Role: Creative, art direction, writer


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