is not
a telenovela

An original Netflix series, black comedy melodrama directed by Manolo Caro about a Mexican family, dysfunctional class high high of secret. Perfect in the eyes of society, but a real disaster when nobody is watching. The duality of life itself, and this story is no exception. We create visual concepts where the secrets of the protagonist are exposed, because it is a cabaret show. 
Does anyone say "telenovela"? Some of the cast members had previously used previously in some Mexican soap operas, but this series was not one. To demonstrate that they were wrong, we launched a dramatic parody of the most iconic telenovelas of Mexican culture: "La Rosa de Guadalupe".
Roles: creative, art director and co-writer
This is not a telenovela
Art direction
Client: Netflix | Marketing Director: José Calderoni | Brand Manager: Aldo Carrillo
ECD: Dauquen Chabeldin | PM: Yaneth Velázquez | CL: Alejandra Juárez
CW: Alejandra Juárez, Hugo F. Zapata| AD: Eunice Suárez, Noé Segovia | AV: Cecilia Mancera | CM: Paola Fortes

Role: Creative and art direction


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