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La Balada by Hugo Sánchez, is a spinoff from Club de Cuervos in which Hugo is sent to Nicaragua with the task of guiding the team to win the Duel of the Birds tournament.
We all want the best assistant in the world: Hugo Sánchez, was the narrative thread of the campaign, our fiction assistant joined forces with one of the most famous and efficient digital assistants in the world: Google Home, since its launch in Mexico coincides with the launch of the show, Hugo offers us a nice interaction (If you want to try it, take your cell phone (android) or your nearest Google home and say: Ok, Google, I want to talk to Hugo Sánchez from Club de Cuervos).
Roles: Creative, art direction, co-writing and editor.
Client: Netflix | Marketing Director: José Calderoni | Brand Manager: Diego Bracamontes, Aldo Carrillo
ECD: Dauquen Chabeldin | CD: Luis Ávila| PM: Yaneth Velázquez
CW: Hugo F. Zapata| AD: Noé Segovia | AV: Alonso Alonso | CM: Paola Fortes

Role: Creative, art direction, writer


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