The rum, the legend and the legendaries. Black and white, light and dark, pure and spicy; dualities that are present in Kraken Rum, influential in the development of their graphic line and that with their particular name are based on a mythical creature of the mares, we are told and imagined in their great legend, their own legend, created through of time.
There is no better ink for great legends than that of a legendary creature. Therefore, the ink of our mythology is used to turn its history into pieces that influence, inspire and motivate, not only to be faithful to the brand, but also to its own and its talents.​​​​​​​
Roles: Art direction and creative involved in the construction of the brand's personality 
Client: Tequila Cuervo TradicionalLa Rojeña S.A. de C.V. | Marketing Group Manager: Juan Pablo Curis   |Brand Manager: Pablo Centineo
ECD: Paola Figueroa Aka. Patola | CD: Rafael Muguiro | PM: Adrián Pastrana | KAM: Adriana Obregón
CW: Alan Ojeda, Noé Segovia, Luis Pantoja | AD/AV: Noé Segovia | CM: Luis Pantoja

Role: Creative, art direction and AV developer


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