I exist 
I resist
Second season of Ingobernable, the things for Emilia become difficult since the government, begins a mediatic war against her to defame and to criminalize the protagonist of this history; our answer: Do not trust the system, a concept that blurs the shadows and lies that are behind the persecutions and murders of the government, businessmen and mafiosi that are in power.

We capitalize on the image of Kate del Castillo, an actress famous for her work but above all, her public scandals, the latter related to a drug kingpin.
With video pieces, a web page and a fake news campaign we tell people: do not trust the sitsema.

Roles: Creative, art direction, co-writing and editor.
Client: Netflix | Marketing Director: José Calderoni | Brand Manager:  Diego Bracamontes
ECD: Dauquen Chabeldin | PM: Yaneth Velázquez
CW: Hugo F. Zapata, Alejandra Juarez, Noé Segovia| AD: Noé Segovia | AV: Alonso Alonso | CM: Paola Fortes

Role: Creative, art direction, writer


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