Happy Birthday Bogotá, On August 6th, the day in which the city celebrates Bogota’s foundation, we made a tribute to the capital and to his namesake in the series by celebrating his birthday in a very colombian way! How did we do it? As we would in Colombia: ponqué, gorritos, lots of confetti and a band of friends singing "y que los siga cumpliendo hasta el año tres mil" a little bit out of tune. Making these 481 years not go unnoticed, appealing to the love of the bogotanos for their city and in turn, for the character.
Roles: Art Direction
Client: Netflix | Global Creative Marketing Director: Andreina Poveda
ECD: Camilo Bravo | CD: Luisa Consuegra | PM: María Antonia Sánchez
CW: María F. Samper, Keyara Ortega | AD: Sebastian Hernández, Noé Segovia | CM: Sofía Pérez

Role: Art direction

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