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Hugo Sánchez, Chava Iglesias's personal assistant in Club de Cuervos. A character so loyal, tender and helpful that miles of fans needed him in their lives. Its popularity was starred by the launch of Netflix in June 2018, the same month of the launch of Google Home in Mexico. So, what is not to unite the two best assistants in the world?
That's how it was born: Google Sánchez. The opportunity to have a Hugo Sánchez in your life.
We created an interaction using the Google development tools, with which we programmed a voice application with more than 50 responses, 4 personalized endings and optimized with Machine Learning to respond to unexpected situations.
Hugo Sánchez was never so busy: 6 million impressions within Google Assistant, 460 thousand conversations of two and a half minutes and only zero point twenty percent of interactions abandoned by the user.
Roles: Creative, co-writer and art direction.
Client: Netflix | Global Creative Marketing Director: José Calderoni | Regional Creative Marketing Manager: Diego Bracamontes
ECD: Dauquen Chabeldin | PM: Yaneth Velázquez | CW: Hugo F. Zapata, Noé Segovia| AD: Noé Segovia
| AV: Alonso Alonso | CM: Paola Fortes

Role: Creative, art direction, co-writer


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