de tín
de do pingüe

#Descubrequienfue (#Discoveringwhatwas) it is a transmedia experience that involved our screen, site and social networks and where the audience unlocked 6 audio tracks for 3 weeks to discover who was responsible for a murder. A project that encompasses creativity and effective execution in different disciplines.
2017 PromaxBDA Latin America gold winner
Roles: Art director, UX / UI developer, editor.
Client: Sony Pictures Television |Marketing Director: Ivana Steinberg |Mkt & Digital Coordinator: Haydee Flores, Brenda Sanchez
ECD: Paola Figueroa Aka. Patola | CD: Rafael Muguiro| PM: Adrián Pastrana |KAM: Montserrat Milo
CW: Alan Ojeda, Noé Segovia| AD: Noé Segovia

Role: Creative, art direction, UX/UI Developer


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