I'm from Chihuahua, Norteño and proud. I traveled from one place to another until you reach Mexico City. Started my career as graphic designer, during this time and travels I'm grow up until be creative lead.
At each location I learned something, like over 1000 ways to remove a stain, master with the ink, encourage to speak confidently, which is bad is very good for a football team, special certificate in Luis Miguel's biography and go free with debauchery. Creativity is just as important at work and outside of it. I am an illustrator, I love to draw for hours while listening to music, I drink green tea and I go with the flow of the stroke that never stops.
2007-2011 | Bachelor in Creative Design and communication | FDyCG - UACH
2013 | Digital Creativity | Digital Invaders
2017- To date | Circus | Creative Art Director
2014 - 2017 |  Isobar (before Flock) | Art Director Senior
2014 - 2014 | TeránTBWA\ | Art Director Junior
2013 - 2014 | Grupo 5 | Graphic Designer Sr.

 PromaxBDA Latin American 2017 | EFFIE 2016-2017-2018 |IAB MX 2017-2018 - 2019| Circulo Creativo 2013-2014-2016 -2019 | Totem 2013
If you want to talk or go for a Green Tea Latte and discuss how it is that a replicant can give birth to a baby and dystopias are very accurate these days, ring me  +55 3045 4508 or write me: nsegovia.vega@gmail.com
See you space cowboy...